Police Information

Grantwood Village was the very first Town in Saint Louis to contract with the Saint Louis County police.  According to Saint Louis County’s Crime maps, we have some of the lowest crime rates in all of Saint Louis.

The Village contracts with the Affton Southwest (third) precinct of the Saint Louis County Police Department to provide police protection. We have one full-time officer and routine patrols around the clock.

When paging the Grantwood Officer by calling the Dispatch, leave your phone number, and the Dispatcher will arrange for your call to be answered.  If you have an emergency, always dial 911.

Neighborhood Watch Program

Grantwood’s Neighborhood Watch program is very active. With 17 Block Captains and nearly 20 common ground and island watchers, residents keep a watchful eye on the Village.

Please remember to lock up and light your property, and report any suspicious activity to police or watch members as soon as possible. Each home is in a phone chain and will be notified in an emergency situation.

For more information, or if you have questions or comments, please contact either Officer Dave Graf or Watch Coordinator Sarah Johnson.

2012 Block Captains

Forest HavenOld GrantwoodWatch Coordinator
Maria BowersSarah LittlefieldGenny Webelhuth
Michael BrodtrickCathy Schmidt314-842-3550
Robin ChestnasJohn Storkrfwebel@charter.net
Liz DittmerEllen Tosie
Judy DresselStacy Vondera
Cheryl Fischer
Mary Kappel
Harold Nash
Marilyn Price
Cathy Ruprecht
Helen Schlueter
Laurie Severson

2012 Island/Common Ground Watchers

Forest HavenOld Grantwood
Susan GouldPat Jones
Marianne RotterClyde Lazzareschi
Marian MartyBill Hypes
Bob BessKathy Hill
Ann GieglingTerry Humes
Mickey Kelso
Prudy Kedro
Sally Balmes
Linda Blackburn
Arlene Gassner
Charles Vago
Laurie Altobella
Ruth Jurgensen

Additional Information
Holiday Shopping Safety Tips
Saint Louis County Police Department, Affton Southwest (third) precinct: http://www.stlouisco.com/LawandPublicSafety/PoliceDepartment/3rdPrecinctAfftonSouthwestSaint Louis County Police Crime Maps: http://maps.stlouisco.com/police/index.html


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