Grant Road Project

The town of Grantwood Village has been awarded a US Government grant for enhancements along Grant Road. The project will start at Gravois Road and end at the entrance to Grant’s Farm parking lot. The grant will cover street lights along Grant Road and banners will be placed on the lamp posts featuring pictures of President Grant and White Haven (the national historic site) Other banners will highlight Grant’s Farm. One turnaround area on Grant Road (closest to the historic site will be eliminated and be replaced with a park like setting of trees, bushes, shrubs and flowers. The other turnaround will be paved so visitors can make a U-turn to return to Gravois Road. An entrance sign will be placed outside of the Highway 30 right of way which will welcome visitors and indicate that Grantwood Village is the home of Grant’s Farm and the Ulysses S. Grant National Historic site. The amount of the grant is $49,500.00. It is anticipate that the project will be completed by the end of 2013.

The white rectangle below represents the section of Grant Road that is in scope for proposed improvements.

Section of Grant Road in scope for proposed improvements

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