Notes from the March Meeting

Notes from the March Meeting

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Trustee Reports

Trustee Kienstra reported on Village finances; after February disbursements, the Village ended the month with $252,458.40.  Trustee Kienstra noted the March disbursements included full or partial payments for the new stop signs in Forest Haven, the new section of flooring in the Town Hall, and snow removal and salting.  For specifics, please refer to the Treasurer’s report on our Website.


Trustee Williams reported on several projects.  Every year the Village Clerk submits an invoice to AmerenUE for the high voltage power lines which run in between Grant’s Trail and Grantwood Lane.  The invoice submitted by the former Treasurer/Village Clerk in 2011 and 2010 were calculated incorrectly.  Trustee Williams corrected this mistake and noted the correct invoice, for the correct amount, is in the mail to Ameren.  She also commented she has been researching Tree City USA and is meeting with a representative from the Missouri Department of Conservation.  Trustee Forand added last year the Village dedicated a tree donated by a Villager in honor of Arbor Day and perhaps this year, we could host an event at the Historic Site.  They have an auditorium with multimedia capabilities and we could have someone present on tree care and maintenance.


Trustee Bess reported the new flooring in a portion of main level of the Town Hall was installed and the Trustees are very happy with the results.  The flooring on non carpeted areas on the main level are now hardwood.  Where the existing floor ends and the new floor begins is unrecognizable.  Trustee Bess also had the Town Hall air condition units inspected for the season.  The Village has a maintenance contract with Seliga Heating and Cooling.


Trustee Kelso updated the Board on current road projects.  The new stop signs in Forest Haven were installed earlier this month.  He received 3 bids for the crack and joint sealing for Forest Haven West and Old Grantwood.  The Trustees approved the bid from B&D Paving.  B&D has done work previously in the Village and offered the most comprehensive and thorough bid.  Trustee Kelso asked for the approval of $3,000 for the testing of the material used in the crack and sealing and its compliance with St. Louis County specs.  The Board approved this request.


Trustee Forand reported on the communication from Villagers throughout the month.  She also mentioned several residents have complained about owners not picking up after their pets.


Officer Mike reported it was a quiet month in the Village.


Village Attorney Rich Magee reported there will be a Board of Adjustment hearing on March 27th at 7pm at the Town Hall.

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